Glasses-Fetishist (stratergy_love) wrote,

[Fan art] APH-Hungary

Yessir, I actually posted something worthwhile now XD
Fanart, non-chibi this time.

Title:  APH-Hungary
Author/Atrist/Circle:  Me
Characters/Pairings:  Hungary
Rating:  G
Warnings: None
Author/Artist's notes: Yes, not a chibi this time, isn't that grand?
Summary:  "I'm sorry...", Elizaveta forced a crooked smile, he couldn't tell if her face was wet from the rain or her own tears...

Yeah, this is a quick sketch of Hungary, I always wanted a somewhat serious Hetalia and this popped into my head.
I think of Hungary talking to Prussia...I don't know why.

Tags: axis powers hetalia, fanart, hungary

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